A single content creator for all your marketing & communication needs. One who highlights your social & environmental work in the way it deserves, so you can carry on doing what you do best: helping people & planet.

We are living in a decade of change for humanity. Starting with a global standstill caused by the pandemic, I, like many others, had the time to fully take stock of our widely reported existential challenges, and felt strongly that when business resumed, it would have to do so very differently if we are to sustain ourselves in the long term.
I started by forgoing fossil fuel-driven transport, cleaning beaches, shopping local – that kind of thing. But a few things quickly became clear: firstly, done alone or even just in the minority, it’s a lot of huffing and puffing for relatively little impact. Secondly, conservation is a complex science, one that requires an in-depth understanding of the myriad relations between natural systems – i.e. if you plant your spade in the wrong place, you might just make things worse. Finally, this led me to realise that I already had a valuable skillset, if only I knew how to use it in the right way.
I approached this decade as a somewhat overwhelmed but well-intentioned male practising translation and writing for a living, while developing my passion for photography and videography. Putting two and two together, I have come to understand that creative communication is my thing. Chard Image & Text represents the next step on my personal journey to explore and express the link between environmental, social and personal prosperity, and to tell the story of those people who have understood it far better and far sooner than myself.
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